How to get rid of acne on oily skin

Acne, pimples and blisters on an oily skin is a matter of concern in teenagers of both genders. Majority of the population has to face this issue especially the ones having an oily skin. It creates complexities in people regarding oily skin care and they adopt various harmful measures to treat the pimples and acne on their oily skin which results in massive destruction of their skin pores.

You can get rid of acne on oily skin and can follow an oily skin care routine by below mentioned measures:

  • Cleansing the face
  • Initiating healthy diet in your routine
  • Using oral isotretinoin
  • Using topical L-carnitine and 2% niacinamide
  • Using retinoids and photodynamic therapy
  • Trying home remedies

Before discussing the remedies and preventive measures for treating acne, let’s see what is an oily skin and what are the major causes behind it. There are millions of sebaceous glands in a healthy skin which secretes sebum. It is an oily fluid which is composed of waxy esters, triglycerides, free fatty acids and sterols. Sebum helps in lubricating the skin and maintains the barrier function of skin. The sebum level becomes uncontrollable in people due to changes in bodily features and life phases such as during adolescence, after menarche and during early adulthood in men.

Causes behind the oily skin

The exact causes of oily skin are still unknown but there are contributing factors which raise the production of sebum in individuals such as:

  • Disturbed levels of hormones (androgens, progesterone, testosterone)
  • Underlying health related issues
  • Genetics
  • Ethnicity
  • Climate change
  • Poor dietary habits
  • Stress

Getting rid of acne on oily skin

You can get rid of acne on oily skin by following measures:

Cleansing the face

Initiation of a good skin care routine in daily ritual will keep the production of oil and sebum in control. Oily skin care is crucial for reducing the sebum production. It is better to wash the face twice a day with lukewarm water. Apply a gentle cleanser for removing the excess oil from face or you can scrub your face too but in case of excess ace, avoid using a scrub as it will make the skin harsh. It recommends to use the skin care products which are oil-free and non-acne based. It is better to look for the cleansers and toners for oily skin care which are specifically designed for acne-prone skin. Select the cleansers which are medicated and include the ingredients like salicylic acid that helps the prevention of acne.

Initiating healthy diet in your routine

It is always said that good food is a key to good mood. If you want to achieve a good body mass index along with a good skin, it is a must initiative to incorporate healthy and balanced diet in your daily routine. Start consuming green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds along with appropriate amount of water on daily basis and you will notice an extreme difference in your skin and health!

It recommends to consume a healthy breakfast such as incorporating oatmeal, egg whites, whole-meal foods and milk which can provide feeling of fullness. Other than this, it also recommended to consume fish and health choices of oils and fats like nuts, seeds to fulfill the needs of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are good for skin and hairs.

Using oral isotretinoin

Oral isotretinoin is a skincare method which has significantly shown positive results in decreasing the sebum production in oily skins. The usage of oral isotretinoin decreases the size and amount of sebum production from glands. There are no significant side effects of using this product but sometimes, dry and itchy skin along with fatigue, muscle ache and disturbed cholesterol levels can seen in a person. So, it is better to consult a dermatologist before using this product. 

Using topical L-carnitine and 2% niacinamide

It reports through several trials that using 2% niacinamide for skincare routine of oily skin are reduce the levels of sebum within two to four weeks of its usahe. It is therefore recommended to select a toner for oily skin acne care or other products having the ingredient 2% niacinamide in them. You can also use 2% L-carnitine as skincare product which has shown positive results in reducing the sebum and oiliness of skin.

Using retinoids and photodynamic therapy

There are various skincare therapies introduce by dermatologists which have shown fruitful results in controlling the production of sebum in skin. One of such therapies is PDT (Photodynamic therapy). It can destroy the extra sebum-producing cells and can reduce the size of glands which are sebaceous in nature. Multiple sessions of photodynamic therapy have shown positive results in people. Other than this, it is also recommends to use topical retinoids for treating oily skin and acne. These retinoids are derived from vitamin A and are known for suppressing the sebum and size of facial pores.

Trying home remedies

Other than the procedures mentioned above, you can also try some home remedies for treating the oily skin. You can try some fruit and facial masks for treating the acne and oily skin. Clay masks, green tea masks and aloe vera masks are considers as some of the best home remedies for reducing the sebum production. You can also use rose water for cleansing the skin.


Oily skin and acne problems are one of the major issues of concern in people. Majority of the people struggle to reduce their acne from face through various facial treatments and skincare. It is advisable to never use a skincare product without the recommendation of your dermatologist.

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