Top 8 Common Reasons Why Locks Need Repairs

Every property owner faces the challenge of dealing with door lock issues from time to time. The majority of commercial and residential property owners will admit that they have encountered door lock issues at some point. Unfortunately, most people wait until it’s too late to call a locksmith. Problems with your door lock may make your security susceptible to attack. Several serious consequences can result from not paying attention to the condition of your door locks. Therefore, it is considered wise to contact your nearest lock repair services whenever you face issues with lock-related problems. But before that, you should look at the common issues that cause door lock problems which shouldn’t be ignored at any cost.

1. Faulty Locking Mechanism

If your key turns, but your door won’t lock or unlock, the locking mechanism is usually the problem. If you know how to use a screwdriver and are good at home improvement, you could take it out and look for any small broken or worn parts yourself. However, most of the time, repairing a broken locking mechanism requires the expertise of a professional, and you will need a skilled locksmith to resolve the issue. Locks can be serviced or repaired and brought back to life if the damage isn’t too extensive.

2. Frozen Locks

When moisture and low temperatures enter a lock, this is known as a frozen lock. If you try to fix this yourself, be careful. Never force the key into a frozen lock; you will probably end up with a wrecked key. Even though you can try it yourself, contacting a locksmith available in emergencies is advised. They have the best-frozen situation solutions that won’t harm your lock or keys.

3. Faulty Door Mechanism

Worn-out mechanisms cause the majority of issues with door locks. There is a good chance that your door will be used hundreds, if not thousands, of times yearly, whether at home or work. As a result, excessive wear can fail the mechanism or cause it to become stuck. It’s possible that something could go wrong at any time if your door starts to stick or doesn’t seem to be working properly. Give your locksmith a call for lock repair services because prevention is better than bearing damages. 

4. Broken Keys in the Lock 

If your key breaks off in the lock, you might be able to pull it out using pliers gently. If the key doesn’t reach out far enough to hold, you must stop attempting any repairs. This could only make the situation worse and will damage your lock more. The best solution is to either call a professional or remove the lock cylinder. You can then take that lock cylinder to a nearby hardware shop for the key removal.

5. The Key Won’t Turn 

If your key won’t turn in the lock, test the lock first with a different key. If the problem remains, try lubricating the lock with powdered graphite or a silicone-based lubricant if the issue is not with the key. There is also the possibility that your keys will turn when you are locking the door from outside. There is also a situation when your door isn’t aligned properly or your lock has a faulty mechanism. You might also notice that your door doesn’t latch properly in these situations. Tighten the screws on the door hinges to correct any sagging to fix a misaligned or loose door. If the key still does not turn, your lock’s strike plate may need to be moved. To do this, remove the screws of the plate and place them accordingly so that the door lock bolt is properly aligned with the strike plate.

6. Door Won’t Close Properly

A professional adjustment may be required if your door lock won’t latch into place. Experts recommend you have an annual lock inspection for the best maintenance. You can save money and avoid dangerous and uncomfortable situations by working with a professional for lock repair services. It can be difficult to lock the door if it doesn’t close all the way or doesn’t latch properly. For the lock to function properly, the door and the bolt must be in the right position relative to the strike plate.

7. Loose Door Locks 

With regular use, lever-style door handle locks may become loose, causing locking issues. Line up the door handles on either side of the door, tape them in place, or have someone hold them while you tighten the locks. After the door handles have been properly positioned, replace the screw which is damaged or stripped and then start tightening them until they are fixed with the doorknob.

8. The Lock Is Broken 

There are several possible causes for a door lock to fail. Putting a key in a broken lock is never a good idea and can be dangerous. The issue might be with the lock’s internal workings. If this is the problem, you should hire a reputable locksmith for lock repair services to assist you in changing the lock. You must resolve the situation as soon as possible to avoid any unpleasant circumstances. 

In conclusion, it is important to replace your door lock when it is broken or extensive repairs will be required. Because you use it daily, it’s easy to tell if your lock isn’t working. A faulty lock system can seriously compromise your safety. You must resolve the issue as soon as possible, regardless of the cause of your broken lock. Call a locksmith for their assistance if you are unable to fix it.

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