What are the top 10 most popular sports in America?

Sports and games are an essential part of our life. Each segment of sports and games holds an entertaining speck in it full of unity, motivation, and pride that leads the players towards success and excellence in the game. In this article, we will discuss some top-ten popular sports in America which provide a full form of entertainment and a source of fitness for the players.

American football

 The crown of the highly played game in America is given to American football. It holds a unique popularity among Americans and is one of the most highly-watched sports in the US. National Football League is considered the highest professional level of American football all around the world. It is one of the biggest American sports leagues over there and pulls a remarkable viewership number of about 17 million in 2021 on digital media and TV altogether.


After football, next comes the second-most highly watched sport in America which is Basketball. It is widely played all over the US. According to research, it has been surveyed that around 26% of people aged between 18-64 years know how to play basketball in a professional way. Basketball is the 10th most followed and favorite sport all around the world too. Various basketball competitions are organized by US National basketball Association for basketball freaks. NBA has given out some best basketball players of their time through this prominent basketball league which includes Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Kobe Bryant.


Baseball is also a highly admired game that requires a lot of patience, physical power, and a unique set of strategies to achieve perfection in this game. Baseball was once considered the most played game in the US but in recent years, its popularity has decreased and is now ranked as 3rd most popular American sport. The competitions for baseball are divided into two categories including Minor league baseball and Major league baseball. These are one of the USA’s major and oldest professional sports leagues. There are about 30 teams in the major leagues which are equally divided into the National and American Leagues. Famous baseball players include the names Roger Clemens, Babe Ruth, Stan Musial, Hank Aaron, and much more!


Soccer played as MLS (Major league soccer) in the United States is considered the fourth most popular sport in the USA and Europe after football, baseball, and basketball.  Soccer is considered to be more famous than ice hockey and is a first choice for youngsters who prefer their future in sports in the USA. The participation rate for soccer has been seen to increase up to 32% between the years 2022-2019. The national team of women’s soccer is one of the renowned ones in which they have won four championships in the year 1991, 1999, 2015, and 2019.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is also one of the most popular sports in america and has been played over there since 1894. It is highly played in the regions of the upper Midwest and northeast. There are about 25 American and 7 Canadian teams in the National Hockey League, which was extended to the South region and gained much popularity. Ice hockey is a fast-paced and action-packed game and drives a sizeable audience towards itself. 


Golf is considered a rich old man game and about 10% of the entire population of the United States is known to play this game. Golf is an excellent time pass for older people. Various sorts of tournaments is organized for professional golf tours. There is a United States Golf Association set up to monitor this game and is responsible for overseeing the champions too who participate in U.S. Open and U.S women’s open. It is an American Sports company. Some of the famous golf players are Ben Hogan, Walter Hagen, Tiger Woods, and Sam Snead.


WWE known as wrestling reached its peak in the year the 2000s and was promoted highly through digital media. This is one of the highly watched sports entertainment for viewers. WWE called World Wrestling Entertainment is considered the major wrestling pinnacle in the US. There are various WWE superstars including Undertaker, John Cena, The Rock, and Stone Cold who put forward the boundaries of this sport to all around the world and this game reached to heights of fame.


Tennis is considered a transitional game in the United States. This is the game that is equally popular among men and women and is not dominated solely by men. There is a National Tennis League that governs the American professional tours of tennis players but this governing body was sold to World Championship Tennis in 1970.

There are four main levels of tennis games including the NTRP, UTR, ITF, and ATP. NTRP looks after the placement of players in appropriate leagues. UTR system uses an algorithm to rate the players according to their performance. ITF and ATP rankings are given to professionals according to tournament points which is helpful in making official ratings. Some of the greatest US tennis players include Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Jimmy Connors, Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick, and many more!


We know that Americans are highly fond of vehicles and is not a surprising thing that motorsports have gained much popularity over the years in The United States. Americans are fond of exploring new places especially their racing series including the NASCAR cup series, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Formula One, and Moto GP.

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Formula one is one of the most popular motorsports while NASCAR (National association for stock car auto racing) is a major league in America. This league attracts millions of people from all around the world. Some of the prominent players of motorsports in the US include Fireball Roberts, Dale Earnhardt, and Richard Petty.


In the United States of America, we see that volleyball is enjoyed by both males and females in which about 37 million Americans are active players in this game. Volleyball is one of the most highly-played and popular team sports games in American schools and colleges. This game is considered a passion for youth and teaches strength in them. USA Volleyball is named the official national governing body for beach, indoor, and sitting volleyball in the US. The popularity of this game has extensively increased due to the Olympic games and extensive media coverage. 

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