Who is Keanu Reeves: Age, Bio, Family and more

Bio of Keanu Reeve

We all are fond of our favorite celebrities especially the ones from sci-fi and fiction. But whenever the name of Keanu Reeves comes up, the excitement level of the majority of people goes beyond the limits. Given some blockbuster films like Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure and The Matrix, Keanu Reeves is considered one of the best Hollywood actors. Born on 2nd September 1964, he is a Canadian actor who achieved the height of success within a few years of his work due to his handsome looks, he enchanted and grabbed the attention of millions of his followers and is still ruling their hearts.

Family life of Keanu Reeves

If we talk about the Keanu Reeves family, we came to know that he has led a turbulent life but he was never defeated and continued to work with great struggle. Keanu Reeves was just three years old when he along with his mother was abandoned in jail and later on he had to take care of his sister who was suffering from leukemia, His difficult circumstances of life didn’t stop him from working hard and to earn a good name in this world. Keanu Reeve holds the British, Portuguese, ,and Native Hawaiian ethnicity. His father named Samuel Reeves was an American national and his mother named Patricia Taylor was an English woman.

Keanu Reeve spend his childhood in Ontario, Canada,, and was fond of hockey. He was determined to become a professional hockey player in the future but destiny had decided something else for him. He joined acting at the age of 15 and started working at C.B.C (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) at the age of 20. Keanu Reeve appeared in the film industry in 1989 and was featured in the movie ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ which performed miraculously well in the market. He got married to Jennifer Syme in 1998 but unfortunately, she died in 2001. In the year 1999, Keanu Reeve also worked in the movie ‘The Matric’ who crossed an average gross of about three billion dollars in the Hollywood industry. If we talk about the net worth of Keanu Reeve, it is estimated that he holds a net worth of about $380 million and his main source of earnings is through an actor, a producer, a writer, a performer, and a comedian. He has made this net worth by working in the Hollywood industry for more than 30 years now and is a renowned person in this industry. The first movie by Keanu Reeves is Youngblood which was released in 1986.

Full nameKeanu Charles Reeves
Date of birth and age2nd September 1964 (58 years in 2022)
OccupationProducer, actor, and writer
First debutYoungblood in 1986 as an actor The Animatrix in 2003 as a voice-over Side by side in 2012 as a producer Hangin in 1984 as a TV actor
Net worth$380 million
ParentsSamuel Reeves and Patricia Taylor
Siblings3 sisters (Kim Reeves, Emma Reeves, Karina Miller)
SchoolEtobicoke school of arts, Canada Avondale secondary alternative school, Ontario
College and UniversityDe La Salle university, Manila
Home townNew york city, USA
Present residencyLos Angeles, California, USA
HobbiesReading books, Travelling
Favorite sport and foodHockey, Oatmeal with honey
Favorite destinationVancouver

Why are people so fond of Keanu Reeves?

People are so fond of Keanu Reeves because of his personality, good virtues, and philanthropist nature. Keanu Reeves set up a cancer charity to help cancer patients who cannot afford this costly treatment. This shows the kind nature and generosity of Keanu. Other than this, Keanu Reeves has highly faced the feeling of grief throughout his entire life but still, he overcame this grief through his kind nature. Keanu Reeves is known as an actor who takes pay cuts for the things in which he believes.

Some surprising facts about Keanu Reeves

CitizenshipKeanu Reeves holds Canadian citizenship although he is an American person from his father’s side. He, later on, moved to Canada with his mother which helped him to attain this citizenship.
Hockey freakDuring his school life, Keanu Reeve was fond of hockey and he dreamed of playing this game professionally but destiny had decided the life of actor for him.
RenamingKeanu Reeve once tried to rename himself as Chuck Spadina but switched back to his original name.
Motorbike enthusiastKeanu Reeve is considered an automobile and motorcycle freak and loves to ride this vehicle. But unfortunately, he has faced severe accidents due to riding bikes.
BlacklistKeanu Reeve was on the blacklist for some time from Hollywood because he turned down the role in the film ‘Speed 2’

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