Why SOD Installation is the Perfect Solution for Your Lawn Needs?

You all have might heard about SOD lawn and its installation. But have you ever though that why is there an increased significance of SOD installation? Why is SOD installation considered a perfect solution for your lawn needs? If you are looking to seek benefits from the lawn grass without any hassle of maintenance, mowing and watering than SOD grass installation is the best option to consider.

SOD installation is the perfect solution for your lawn needs because it requires less maintenance. This grass is helpful in preventing the lawn from soil erosion, less heat in the lawn and adds an aesthetic value to your house. SOD installation is cheaper than the original grass installation for your lawn and it also control the weed production.

In this blog, we will discuss about the benefits of installing SOD grass in your lawn but let’s first see what is meant by SOD.

What is the meaning of SOD?

SOD is an established layer of grass which is dug up with some roots and soil still attached to it. The SOD strips are harvested in long rectangular strips and are rolled up with their soil side for installing in the customer’s lawn. Most of the lawns are planted by seeds but now with the evolution in home décor items, SOD installation is replacing the concept of seed plantation which can survive all the unfavorable conditions and has attractive outcomes too.

Major reasons for considering SOD lawn installation

An appealing look

One of the best things about SOD installation is that it provides an aesthetic and appealing look to the lawns. SOD lawns are lush green and are ready-to-fix in your lawn. While the seeding lawns are muddy in nature and does not provide an attractive look. Moreover, the seeding grass grows slowly and requires time for maintenance.

Healthy lawns

SOD lawns are grown professionally with great care so they are healthier as compared to the seeding lawns. These lawns are grown using the best soil with regular fertilization. They have strong roots which keep them fixed at their place, and offers a strong foundation which can last for years in your lawn.

Lesser price

It may seem that SOD lawn is costly as compared to seedling lawn. But when we compare the maintenance of both we see that seedling lawn requires more maintenance than the SOD lawn. SOD lawn does not require extra care for weed control, over-seeding and fertilization. But seedling lawn requires all these maintenance hacks even after installation which charges extra. Just get the SOD lawn, install them and live a peaceful life without the worry of maintenance!

Extra density

It has been noted that seeding lawns require reseeding again even after installation. Seeding lawn becomes dry and leaves unattractive patches on ground where they are installed after a specific time period. But SOD lawn does not require re-seeding process as the grass plants in such lawns are sown close to each other that leaves no room for patches.

Prevention from soil erosion

SOD lawns are grown in a professional way on fresh turf. These lawns require no special weeds for growing, and prevents the soil erosion. These lawns are dense and there is no need of germination of weed seeds in case of SOD lawns.

Increasing the home value

SOD lawns offers an attractive look and adds higher value to the look of your house. If these lawns are installed in your house, these enhance the actual price of your house due to their advancement, lesser maintenance and appealing look. Your investment in SOD lawns will add beauty as well as will increase the worth of your house too.

Factors to consider while installing SOD lawns

There are various kinds of SOD lawns which a customer can select to install in their house. But there are various factors which should be kept in mind before purchasing them. A customer should check the quality of soil, weather of their area and water facilities of their place before installing the SOD lawns so that your lawn can offer the best look throughout the year. It is recommended to install these lawns in the spring, fall or winter season. Summer season is not suitable for installing SOD lawns as this process requires a lot of water during their installation process and in summers the rate of evaporation is high which makes inconvenient for the person to install these lawns.

Before installing the SOD lawn, prepare the site where this lawn has to be installed. Determine the size of the lawn and calculate the sod strips according to the size for proper installation. Other than this, remove away the unwanted grass or perennial weeds from the site where you are installing the SOD lawn as it will disrupt the proper installation.

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